Job ID no. VR64

Corby Old Village Primary School


Principal Responsibilities:

  • Clean designated areas of the school using appropriate tools and materials including brush, mop, duster, vacuum, buffer and polisher as required to ensure a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene is maintained.
  • Ensure daily and weekly tasks as assigned are up to date.
  • Empty bins and dispose of waste according to school policies on waste and recycling for efficiency and hygiene standards for all school users.
  • Top up consumables e.g. soap dispensers/toilet rolls, towels to maintain standards of hygiene and comfort for all users.
  • Move furniture and equipment if required, with the assistance of colleagues as necessary to enable cleaning of all areas.
  • Clean up spillages as they occur e.g. as a result of drink spillages/ children being ill in accordance with health and safety procedures or deal with as instructed by management.

Due to COVID19 there will be no visits to the school.

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