Target the talent pool and find your ideal candidate

Partner with us to target a live talent pool of candidates keen to work in Northamptonshire schools. Engage the talent pool via weekly vacancy emailers. Proactively contact past applicants to relevant vacancies via the Teach Northamptonshire App.

Engage a diverse group of past applicants to Northants jobs

We are all keen to try and retain the excellent candidates who have shown interest in working in Northamptonshire schools. Partner with us to engage past applicants to jobs similar to your own.

Partner with us and reach out to:

  • Newly qualified teachers
  • Experienced teachers, leaders, headteachers
  • Teaching Assistants, admin and support staff
  • Passive and proactive candidates
  • Candidates in neighbouring county schools

Why use our talent pool?

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    Make your recruitment budget go further

    Subscriptions are extremely cost effective, starting at £150 pa for unlimited vacancy advertising. ROI is hugely competitive too, more so than any other national channel; our average cost per applicant is calculated at £50.

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    Reduce the time it takes to hire a candidate

    Our intuitive system is quick and easy to use, not only for schools, but for your target applicants too.

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    Always have a safety net of candidates to engage with

    Our member schools are currently promoting vacancies to 30,000 web visitors each month. We look forward to supporting you with your recruitment goals throughout 2021-22 and beyond.

Extra Support for your HR & Recruitment staff


Adding capacity when and where its needed

We’re extending our support for your HR and recruitment teams, beyond the recruitment portal and wellbeing training provision. Contact us if we can help benchmark your own school’s vacancy performance against others in your town or postcode (we anonymise the results). We can also share feedback on job advertisements and help with dedicated social media campaigns for recruitment to time critical posts.


Recruit and Support Newly Qualified Teachers

The University of Northampton have long supported our efforts to promote Northamptonshire as THE place to teach locally. Their teaching graduates use our website to search and apply online for vacancies. Why not tailor your Ad to appeal specifically to this Northamptonshire cohort? What extra support does your network offer to newly qualified teachers starting out in the profession locally? Get in touch if we can help.


Consider appealing to the Return to Teaching cohort too

Expert advice, support and resources are available to candidates considering returning to teaching, as well as for those who have qualified to teach but have never taught in a school. Thousands of former teachers return to the profession each year, so the transition may be easier than anticipated.

  • 373

    Member schools supported

  • 15,100+

    Vacancies advertised

  • 30,900+

    Applications processed online (more direct to schools)

  • 189

    Live vacancies



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