Collaborating with Educating Northants

Representative, egalitarian, non-partisan and proudly local. We were delighted to play our own small part by sponsoring the 2019 and 2021 Educating Northants Conferences which celebrated teaching, learning and leadership in Northamptonshire. We also look forward to many such future collaborations.

  • Local Leaders

    The Greatest Gig

    Something special has happened in our county over the past few years. This ‘something special’ was unlooked for and definitely not predictable. In fact, if you were a betting person, you would have put money on the opposite to the ‘something special’ happening.

  • Local Leaders

    Educating Northants – The Perfect Mash up?

    The general justification for taking 2 great songs and blending them is usually explained as: “People like mash ups because it’s a different way of hearing tracks they love”. Was EN21 the Edu-conference version of this?

Meet the Leaders in Northamptonshire Education

A movement of local teachers and educators who believe in Northamptonshire and are optimistic and aspirational for its future. The group represents teachers and children across schools and settings in the county, from nursery through to colleges and the university.

We are proud sponsors of Educating Northants Conferences

This year’s event (2021) was a CPD feast of live chats and talks from those connected to and within education in Northamptonshire. The consistent theme each year is ‘everyone is welcome’…. welcome to be part of the conversation during the conference, and to watch, learn from and share the grassroots content from the county’s amazing teachers & leaders.

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